Briol – Einäugl & Isidor


Barbiano, Alto Adige


hospitality, architectural and artistic heritage

No cars, no radio, no television. Something special in heavenly peace. Something unique that Hubert Lanzinger created here at an altitude of 1300 m.a.s.l. in the 1920s, profoundly influenced by the Bauhaus movement. Something unique added by Arch. Gallmetzer: something completely independent, yet closely in tune with the existing landscape, constantly interacting and blending with the form and architectural language of the past. Einäugel is not only a summer retreat – it also welcomes guests in the winter months. Isidor, the adjacent tree house, reflects the freedom, minimalism and lightness that only Briol can provide.

decor carried-out the turnkey construction project with Tetris Project. Highlights include: spatula techniques, solid wood larch and fir flooring, terrazzo floors, resin patinas in the bathrooms, acoustical ceiling insulation, lime plaster finishes, exterior plaster finishes compatible with the historic character, larch flooring on the outdoor terraces, vanity tops in the terrazzo technique, larch steps and landings in the round stairwell, and much more.

Architecture: theodor gallmetzer architecture
Photography: Gustav Willeit