EX-court building




public sector projects, architectural and artistic heritage

"Few signs, to be as silent as possible". Michel Carlana, Architect.
The restoration of the former courthouse in Bressanone is part of a larger project, which includes work on several adjacent buildings, aimed at creating the civic library, the seat of the Justice of the Peace and public offices.
The work on the old building is delicate and as quiet as possible, preserving the ancient traces and enhancing the existing structure. The restoration work proceeded by subtraction, adding only a few elements such as the wooden cresting on the railing of the staircase – work carried-out with exceptional skill by our workers. Only lime-based products were used for the interiors. This material is particularly suitable for historical or sustainable building projects which are attentive to using products with natural origins. Lime plasters are highly permeable and create a healthy and breathable environment. Thanks to the healing action of lime, they can prevent the emergence of mold and bacteria, all of which have positive effects on indoor climate. The façades and interiors of historical buildings are primarily made with lime-based materials.

Architecture: Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli
Photography: Roberto Sartor

Ex Tribunale Bressanone
Ex Tribunale Bressanone