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Expansion of the music school in Brunico


The Ragenhaus in Bruneck has been home to South Tyrol's largest music school since 1985. The 13th century building (Casa Ragen) is one of the oldest in the city and houses numerous classrooms. The spaces had become overcrowded and required changes, hence, the Ragenhaus was expanded by adding a two-story wing that is striking with its simple, discreet volume.
Acoustic considerations play a critical role in determining the architectural design and construction of music buildings. Insufficient sound insulation between classrooms negatively influences the quality of lessons.
Adequate protection against noise coming from outside or inside the classrooms (immissions, emissions) is also essential.
Room acoustic design is yet another prime aspect to consider and must take into account various factors, such as reverberation time, sound absorption and room geometry.
Every room, whether it’s a classroom or a performance hall, needs an acoustically designed solution.
In addition to custom-made products, sound-absorbing acoustic panels made of expanded granulate have been applied to the entire ceiling surface of the Bruneck Music School thereby achieving a highly aesthetic acoustic solution.


Architecture: EBV Estudio Barozzi Veiga (Barcelona)