Ruiser House


St. Lorenzen di Sebato



The “Triple Zero” philosophy is the guiding principle behind the Ruiser House, which is located in an idyllic setting below Sonnenburg Castle in St. Lorenzen di Sebato. The building materials were obtained on site at zero miles; the building produces zero CO2 emmissions; and the life-cycle management of the building, if converted or deconstructed, will produce zero waste.
The construction industry is still the world's largest producer of waste, responsible for one out of every two tons of garbage. It is also responsible for 35% of emissions. Sustainable, ecological architecture is therefore not simply a requirement, but an steadfast direction.
Both the aggregates for the terrazzo floors and the building's custom exterior plasters were obtained directly from local rock mining sites. Therefore, the owners and the architects were able to contribute directly to the selection of materials for the project. Terrazzo slabs for sinks and shower trays in the bathrooms were built keeping the same concept in mind: full recycling at the highest level. Natural materials, such as the knotless oak floors that adorn the rooms with classic elegance, ensure an excellent indoor climate.


Architecture: forer°unterpertinger Architekten
Photography: Gustav Willeit