Rosa Alpina Penthouse *****


San Cassiano - Badia



decor’s skills run like a red thread throughout the spacious master suite of the exclusive, five-star Rosa Alpina Hotel.
The wooden floors, laid in a Hungarian herringbone pattern, emit an aura of distinction and nobility, and add to the room’s unique and timeless character – an ideal solution for the Penthouse Suite on the top floor of the Engelstrakt.
The 180 m² room with breathtaking views of San Cassiano and the  Dolomite peaks features master craftmanship painting and spatula techniques.  Unique  wallpapers convey intimacy and warmth, and refined spatula techniques imbue this vacation home with singular charm.
decor offers drywall construction, painting and flooring.

Architecture: Vudafieri Saverino Partners
Photography: Alex Filz