Bühelwirt Hotel


San Giovanni (Valle Aurina)



The extension of the Bühelwirt Hotel was completed as a turnkey project in collaboration with the Archfactory firm.

The architecture and minimalist design of the building is impressive. Nature is visibly present in the interior with the use of high-quality natural materials: solid larch wood planks populate comfortable rooms, creating a balanced climate throughout. The floor is pleasantly warm both in summer and in winter, and is sheer delight to walk on[RB1] .

Solid hardwood floors are much more durable and hold up over the years, as they can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Likewise, its varied grains and vibrant shadings give solid wood flooring an edge over other flooring solutions.

 Natural wool carpeting was used in the hallways. Its natural origins contribute to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wool carpets are strong and durable: the special nature of the fibers prevents deterioration and minimizes wear. Wool carpets are also more resistant to soiling than other carpets and reduce the incidence of static build up, making them less likely to attract dust than most synthetic carpets.

A strong sign of sustainability.


Architecture: Pedevilla Architects

Photographer: Gustav Willeit