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Beautiful and healthy
A truly functional office is where employees feel genuinely comfortable.

The new Dator Trasdata office complex is located south of Bruneck's main train station.

decor takes a full-service, design and build approach, from A to Z: from drywall construction to glass partitions and their finish. The "Kugelgarn" type carpets in the offices are highly efficient, easy to maintain and, what is more, very durable. Polished screed and concrete steps in public areas add a modern touch to the working environment. Acoustic false ceilings create a pleasant, effective and efficient ambiance - after all, everyone knows that noise pollution is harmful to our health, distractive and unproductive. A 5G shielding fabric also protects spaces from excessive radiation. Electrosmog has a negative impact on our health.

A high-quality mineral plaster with a fluted structure gives the exterior façade of the building a timeless, characteristic ornamental appearance.

Architecture: Comfort Architekten

Photography: Gustav Willeit