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Loacker-Café: Pure goodness!

Loacker’s success as one the most important family-owned businesses in the Dolomites dates back to 1925. The Loacker Café in Bolzano’s Piazza Walther has recently been completely renovated.
Soundproofing is of primary importance, especially in areas that are accessible to the public, such as restaurants, bars and cafés.
Our experience of space and our wellbeing are affected in a positive way when the acoustic performance of our environment is fully addressed.
The noise level must be kept as low as possible to avoid the so-called "Lombard effect" (the involuntary tendency to increase your speaking volume when surrounded by loud noise).
The Loacker Café uses acoustic insulation panels made of thin, mineral bonded pinewood wool boards as false ceilings. This environmentally-friendly product was installed by decor and customized by applying Loacker's historic logo.
In addition to the demolition, drywall construction, painting and supplying the chairs, decor brought the company's story of success to life visually with the help of a printawall Wallpen printer: Loacker's milestone images were printed directly on site.
Pure goodness…..for our ears!


Architecture: Pedevilla Architects
Photography: Loacker