Casa Privata


Molini di Tures



„The harmonious selection of materials such as local sand, limestone and white cement highlight the monolithic character of the building. The emphasis is on the natural tone of the material. The façade surfaces are made of washed coarse plaster. A special emphasis was placed on high quality craftsmanship and the use of typical local materials for the interior. The plaster for the interior walls was made from a composition of slaked lime, marble sand and earth pigments. The warm appearance of the surfaces was highlighted by the use of hand-planed elm wood and Passeir gneiss flooring. Natural materials create a good interior climate and their combination creates a comfortable oasis in the midst of the mountains.”


AIT ecola award 2015 - Nomination

Häuser des Jahres 2015

Archilovers 2015 - best project, best architects 2016

German Design Award 2016 - GOLD Winner

Häuser Award 2016 - Auszeichnung

The Plan Award 2016 - Nominee

A´Design Award 2016 - IRON Winner